• Parent and Family Association
    A Division of Student Affairs


Mother/Daughter We are pleased that your student has chosen us for their college career. The welfare of our students is our number one commitment at MTSU. We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere that promotes learning and personal development.

MTSU helps students become educated individuals through an extensive range of quality undergraduate programs. We pledge to provide student support services and a quality of student life that create a campus environment conducive to learning and personal development and provides them the opportunity to become lifelong learners.

We are pleased that your student will become a member of the "MTSU family," and we will do our best to look out for their best interests.

If you would like to learn more about the Parent and Family Association or have a question as the parent of an MTSU student, please see our brochure or contact us.

Please note: If your son or daughter will be a freshman for the Fall 2014 semester and you will be attending CUSTOMS (MTSU's New Student Orientation) with them, you will have an opportunity to join the Parent and Family Association during the CUSTOMS session.