Visitor Parking

MTSU welcomes visitors to our University. Please see below important information.

A visitor is any person who has business or other reason to be on the campus but who is not a student or member of the faculty, staff or administration.

All visitors are requested to print a one day visitor parking permit, Guest Account or report to Parking and Transportation Services Office to secure a visitor's parking permit. Everyone must pay at the meters. To print a one day visitor pass go to the above website and click on Purchase Visitor's Pass. All first time visitors will need to create a guest account. Returning visitors will login to their previous account. The Parking and Transportation Services Office is located at 1403 East Main Street. Please call our office at 898-2850 if you need further directions for our office location. Parking and Transportation Services' office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday.

Visitors may park in any green parking space as designated by the Parking and Transportation Services Office. Visitors are reminded that they are subject to the regulations, ordinances and laws pertaining to motor vehicles while on the campus and that violation may result in a citation and/or towing of the vehicle.

Visitors receiving a No Campus Permit citation in a green space should sign the ticket and mail or deliver the ticket to Parking and Transportation Services, P. O. Box 147, MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN 3713 with in seven (7) days.

Visitors who receive tickets for violations other than No Campus Permit are asked to appeal their tickets through the on-line appeal process or complete an appeal form which may be obtained through the Parking and Transportation Services Office.

We encourage our visitors to contact Parking and Transportation Services at 898-2850 with any questions or concerns regarding campus parking.