Community and University Partnerships (CUP) Office

Established February 1, 2006

The purpose of the Community and University Partnerships Office is to foster the implementation of Goal III of the MTSU Academic Master Plan through:

  • emphasizing, internally and externally, the importance of service and learning partnerships;
  • determining emerging partnership opportunities;
  • providing an administrative structure to coordinate all University partnerships;
  • assisting in the development of an administrative oversight plan in order to ensure coordination, facilitate communication, and monitor progress;
  • developing a system to document and publish the impact of MTSU's partnerships and provide information through a searchable database;
  • assisting departments and colleges in identifying and categorizing partnerships and activities and evaluating partnership plans;
  • establishing a Partnership Information Center that will foster research and grant partnerships among colleges and universities;
  • and supporting and strengthening college-level partnership plans developed over the past five years.