Positive Support Behavior Initiative

About PBSI

So, what is PBS? Let me capture the essence by stating that Positive Behavior Support refers to the application of positive behavioral interventions and systems to achieve socially important behavior changes in students who exhibit severe behavioral challenges. Furthermore, PBS is a systems approach or process, not a specific curriculum. The goal is to help educate students with challenging behaviors. The overall goals on PBSI are to:

  • Identify and enhance knowledge about, and practical demonstration of, classroom based PBS practices, systems and outcomes.
  • Develop, conduct and evaluate technical assistance and dissemination efforts that allow evidence-based practices to be implemented on a large scale with high durability and effectiveness.

    The MTSU PBSI Center activities include:
  • Expanding school-wide PBS technical assistance to allow large-scale implementation;
  • Emphasizing effective education and support for students with more intense and individualized support needs;
  • Expanding school-wide PBS to urban schools and high schools;
  • Increasing accessibility to the concepts, outcomes and research associated with school-wide PBS;
  • Establishing a network of resource agents to build local capacity; and
  • Utilizing state-to-state communities of practice to facilitate PBS implementation.
  • Annual PBSI Conference
  • On-site seminars and workshop