Physical Education

Activities Program

Physical education is an integral part of the total educational process, which contributes to development in the cognitive, affective, motor, and health-related fitness learning domains. The attainment of fitness, skills and knowledge in a variety of physical activities contributes to the social and emotional growth, as ell as the physical development of each student.
The purpose behind the HHP Department activities program is to introduce students to a variety of lifetime sports, games, and/or activities. Participation in these physical activities is necessary for young adults in college to improve their fitness, skills, and knowledge for safe and satisfactory involvement in these activities over their lifespan.

PHED 1000: Team Games and Conditioning PHED 1240: Water Aerobics
PHED 1040: Tennis PHED 1250: Self-Defense
PHED 1050-1060: Adaptive Physical Activities PHED 2000: Wrestling
PHED 1100: Karate PHED 2030: Tumbling
PHED 1110: Casting-Fishing Techniques PHED 2040: Beginning Swimming
PHED 1120: Backpacking-Hiking PHED 2050-2060: Adaptive Physical Activities
PHED 1130: Bicycling PHED 2070: Intermediate Swimming
PHED 1140: Gymnastics PHED 2080: Intermediate Modern Dance
PHED 1150: Beginning Badminton PHED 2090: Intermediate Tennis
PHED 1160: Beginning Archery PHED 2120: SCUBA Diving
PHED 1170: Racquetball PHED 2140: Softball
PHED 1180: Beginning Aerobics PHED 2150: Synchronized Swimming
PHED 1200: Weight Training PHED 2250: Intermediate Bowling
PHED 1210: Basketball PHED 2320: Advanced Weight Training
PHED 1220: Soccer PHED 2330: Advanced Karate
PHED 1230: Team Handball PHED 2420: Intermediate Golf

The intent of the physical activity course offerings is to improve students' fitness, as well as broaden their knowledge base and skill level in various sports, games, and activities so that they can continue to participate for their lifetimes. Therefore, the testing out of physical activity courses will ONLY be done as exceptions due to extenuating circumstances as deemed by the student's advisor and approved by the Chairperson of the HHP Department. The advisor must submit a written request, with justification, for any exceptions. Additionally, the HHP Department will ONLY test out in the following beginning courses: PHED 2020-Golf, PHED 2040-Swimming, PHED 1040-Tennis, and PHED 1200-Weight Training.

IF a student is permitted to test out, the student must take and pass BOTH a written test and skills test to receive credit for the course. The student must:

  1. meet the established criteria for the skills test (a video of the skills test will be kept on file in the HHP Department for documentation), and
  2. score 70% or higher on the written test.

The tests will be offered during midterm week each semester. A committee, consisting of three faculty, will establish the criteria for skills tests in each area and evaluate the video of the student's performance.


The HHP Department will accommodate students with disabilities in PHED 1050, 1060, 2050, and 2060 for the following cases:
  1. Medical reason - must provide a letter from their physician.
  2. Disability - must be registered with Disabled Student Services.
Verification by the HHP Department will be substantiated with a call to the respective office(s).
For More Information, Contact:
Scott Colclough, MC 115, (615) 898-5073,
HHP Department, MC 111, (615) 898-2811