Graduate Programs in Health and Human Performance

Ph.D. in Human Performance


The mission of the Ph.D. in Human Performance (HP) is to train doctoral level students, who can become effective educators within the context of a rapidly changing education and public service environment, and to produce and publish scholarly research as members of the academic community.

The Ph.D. in Human Performance promotes doctoral level expertise combining pedagogy with scholarly achievement and research excellence (applied or theoretical) in the specializations of Exercise Science, Health, Kinesmetrics, Leisure Studies, and Physical Education. The program is primarily designed for the student who has completed a master's degree in one of these areas. However, applicants whose background rests outside of these areas are eligible to complete prerequisite courses and formally be admitted into the program if other entry criteria are met.


The Ph.D. in HP functions as a component of the Department of Health and Human Performance's Graduate Program. The HHP Graduate Program is administered by the HHP Graduate Program Director, who is a doctoral level faculty member in the Department of Health and Human Performance, currently Dr. Joey Gray. Administrative work for the program is conducted by an administrative assistant, Ms. Shirlene Rea, who maintains student records and coordinates preliminary examinations.

A. Student Records

Student applications are located in the department's graduate office, Alumni Memorial Gym 209, until admission status is determined and appropriate correspondence is sent. Records of enrolled students are also maintained in this office. Requests for access to student files are to be made through the HHP Graduate Program Director.

B. Committee Structure

There are two committees which work with the HHP Graduate Program Director and Graduate Faculty Members to provide oversight and programmatic decisions regarding admissions, advisement, and curriculum. The committees are:

  1. Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC)
  2. Graduate Curriculum Committee

The Doctoral Advisory Committee discusses administrative issues about the program related to students, policies, coursework, internships, and preliminary examinations. A report on the decisions and recommendations of the DAC will be distributed to graduate faculty. A minimum of two meetings will take place each semester.

Committee membership includes:

  • Chair of the HHP Department
  • HHP Graduate Program Director
  • Equity Liaison Member
  • Doctoral Faculty in the HHP Department

Note: Every HHP graduate faculty member is urged to attend all meetings.

The Graduate Curriculum Committee. The Ph.D. program in HP shares the Curriculum Committee with the Master's Degree Programs. Written recommendations from the curriculum committee for changes in graduate program curriculum (master's and doctoral levels) are submitted to the DAC who determine whether to act on the recommendations.