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Although we have a full library of images you may review and select from, we recognize that sometimes you may want a simple way to select an iconic or other approved MTSU image. Below is a gallery of photographs that you may request for use in PowerPoints, office decoration, screen savers, internal-use notices or other purposes. (Please feel free to visit our office to review the complete library.)

Click on an image to see a larger view. You may navigate through the images that way or review only the pictures that interest you. Make a note of the filename that is below the image. You'll use that number to request the photo or photos you want to order. Please review the price list or contact Cindy Speer at or 898-2744 for more information. The image you receive will not include the watermark.

To request images, please fill out the order form. Please provide all relevant information, including image type (digital or print), size, resolution required, and method of delivery.

All images copyright Middle Tennessee State University.