MTSU Photography

Request a Service

  1. Fill out an order form or fill out this PDFor call our office at 898-2744 to arrange for any of the following services:
    1. MTSU file image order (for publication, web, or other media)
    2. Custom digital image editing, correction, or manipulation
    3. Image scanning
    4. Custom photo prints (standard photo sizes to large-format banners and posters)
  2. For access to the MTSU image catalog, a search is required.
    1. Please specify what images you are looking for. By narrowing the subject and time frame, we will be more likely to locate the images that best suit your need.
    2. A link to contact sheets will be emailed to you.
  3. To order images, be prepared to answer the following questions:
    1. Is your order a personal or departmental request?
    2. Is this a print or digital image request?
    3. Do you know the file name or number of the image(s) you are requesting?
    4. How is the image going to be used? This will help determine what dimensions, file size restrictions, file format, and resolution will be best for your project
    5. If you know what size, resolution, and format are required, please provide that information up front.
    6. What is your deadline? Normal turnaround for orders is two weeks. This can vary by our workload and the size of your order. Rush charges of +100% apply to service orders that require less than two days.
    7. What is your preferred delivery method? (CD, DVD, email, and FTP) If you prefer email, make sure your inbox allows you to receive large files. It is the client's responsibility to provide alternate forms of storage such as a thumb drive.
  4. All image requests are color corrected and publication ready. If additional work such as manipulation, damage repair, excessive resizing, etc., are required, there will be an additional charge per image. (Color correction and image manipulation services are also available for images provided by the client.)
  5. We offer both large- and small-format negative and flatbed image scanning.The photo archive prior to 2001 has an extensive catalog of negatives. Most require scanning, and additional charges may apply for this service.
  6. High-quality large- and standard-size custom printing is available in a variety of media from 4x6 to 44 inches. Print tiling is available for extremely large prints. Some media not in stock may require special material orders and extended deadlines. We'll need a written release to reproduce any copyrighted images.

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