MTSU Summer Computer Camps

Please review all the camps below. On the application form you will be asked to rate your interest level in attending each camp. In the event your first choice is not available, you may be invited to attend another camp if you are interested in that camp. A link to the secure online application can be found at the bottom of this page.

All of the computer camps offered at MTSU will be conducted June 3-7, 2013.
The camps will meet Monday through Friday form 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Each student attending the full week will be eligible to receive a $50 check at the end of the summer camp. To qualify for the check, the student must provide a valid social security number at the beginning of the camp.

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Alice Camp - June 3-7, 2013
Alice Alice is a 3-D graphical programming language from Carnegie-Mellon that provides an "objects-first" approach to teaching programming. The Alice environment allows a student to create graphical animations and video games without the challenges that often accompany other approaches to learning programming for the first time.
Robotics Camp - June 3-7, 2013
Robotics Students participating in the Robotics camp will have intensive training and hands-on learning opportunities constructing and programming Lego NXT robots. The students will learn to build and program robots for tasks, such as navigating a maze, arranging cola cans in a specific configuration, or sumo wrestling. The robot programming will be done using RoboLab, a graphical programming environment, built based on the successful LabView software for visual programming. It is flexible, easy to learn, yet sophisticated enough for complex programming tasks.
Multimedia Camp - June 3-7, 2013
Multimedia The Multimedia Programming camp teaches students basic script programming using python, as it is applied to create and manipulate graphics, photos, sound files, and video. Python, with its unique built-in features, is powerful and easy to learn. Students will be able to write programs that simulate the interesting features found in professional photo, music, and video editors.


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