III:03:00 University Police


The mission of the University Police is to provide for the overall safety and security of the University community and its properties. This mission encompasses the protection of persons, public, and private property, and the maintenance of an orderly campus environment. The University Police Department is a support function created to facilitate the general educational mission of the University. The goal of the Department is to maintain an orderly environment that is conducive to a positive learning experience.


Care is taken to select only the highest qualified personnel for the purpose of fulfilling the various police functions. All full-time officers are monitored during their probationary period for maturity and stability. A training program is followed which is in keeping with the highest standards of other state and municipal police agencies. All full-time officers who have not attended the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy are required to do so. Each officer attending the Academy is required to enter into an agreement with the University prior to attending the Academy which commits said officer to a minimum of one year's employment in return for the University's investment of tuition for the officer. In addition, University Police personnel are trained in the unique problems and procedures associated with a University community.

All full-time officers are POST certified and commissioned by Tennessee Board of Regents Policy 5:01:07:00 Commissioning Security Officers as police officers and have full arrest powers.


The University Police Department has the overall responsibility for maintaining the safety and security of the University community. In addition, the University Police provide several related support functions as a general service to various departments within the University. Among these activities are the following specific areas:

A. The overall responsibility for the safety and security of persons, buildings, and property (both personal and public) on or about the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, including the scheduled patrol of the campus grounds on a twenty-four hour a day basis to prevent and control crime.

B. The investigation of crimes, the apprehension of criminal offenders, and the recovery of stolen property.

C. The preservation of the peace and maintenance of good order.

D. Traffic enforcement and the issuance of citations for traffic safety violations.

E. The prime generator of reports, records, and state/federal mandated annual statistics concerning all crimes committed on University property or properties controlled by the University, including reports of missing persons, missing public and private property, accidents, and incidents of alleged violations of University regulations and law.

F. The support of special events and activities through the control of employment of contract security personnel, traffic, informational assistance, and the maintenance of an orderly atmosphere.

G. The coordination of efforts in areas of common responsibility and concern with other area law enforcement agencies, in order to insure representation of the University's interests.

Revisions: February 5, 1992; August 24, 2004.

Cross-references:  TBR Policy 5:01:07:00 Commissioning Security Officers.