Political Science

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science (General Focus)

Program Requirements (effective Fall 2010).
The following requirements apply to students starting MTSU in the fall 2010 or later. Students who started earlier may continue to operate under the prior program (see below), but have the option of adopting the new program if desired. Please consult your advisor.

PS 1005: American Government & Politics
PS 1010: Foundations of Government
PS 3001: Research Methods in PS
PS 4800: Senior Seminar
1 course from each of the following areas (9 hrs)
> American Politics: PS 3050, 3060, 3250, 3330, 3370
> Comparative/ International Relations: PS 3210, 3220
> Political Theory: PS 4230, 4700, 4920, 4930
> 15 hours of electives in PS courses  
TOTAL 36 Credit Hours

Program Requirements (prior to 2010-11)
For those operating under a catalog prior to Fall 2010, the major in Political Science with a General Focus requires 33 semester hours of work, including: PS 1010, 2010 (now 1005), 4000 (now 3001), and 4800. All Majors must also take courses in at least five of the following groups:
> American government (P S 2020, 3050, 3060, 3100, 3160, 3170, 3320, 3330, 3340, 3350, 3400, 3420, 4120, 4250, 4270, 4280, 4360, 4410)
> Comparative government (P S 3200, 3220, 3780, 3790,3 4180, 4190, 4260, 4300, 4310, 4770, 4900)
> International relations (P S 2130, 3210, 3220, 3500, 3510, 3780, 3910, 4030, 4126, 4210, 4220, 4240, 4250, 4260)
> Public Law (P S 2440, 3010, 3370, 3380, 3500, 3530, 4040, 4590)
> Public administration (P S 3250, 3260, 3400, 3440, 4050, 4290, 4630)
> Political theory and research methods (P S 4020, 4110, 4230, 4700, 4920, 4930). 

These are not the only requirements for the degree. Please refer to the proper Upper-Division Form for the complete requirements.For the complete listing and description of courses click here.             

Curriculum Mapping

Examples laying out  all requirements to complete the degree in 4 years.Click on:

Political Science, B.A., Academic Map

Political Science, B.S., Academic Map


What is Political Science?

Political Science is an academic field of study which focuses on the institutions and processes by which people govern themselves or are governed and on the methods of resolving the issues which arise from the local to the international level. Political Science is concerned with actual functioning of governmental units, the behavior of voters and interest groups, the nature of public opinion and propaganda, forces operating in the world state systems, and the knowledge by which the political order may be improved. Its importance rests on the recognition that the major problems of society are essentially political problems and the basic approach used in solving them will be the political process. Political science and its sub-fields such as public administration, international relations, and public law, offer students a wide range of avenues through which an interest in public affairs can be fulfilled.

Who should study Political Science?

Those interested in careers in law... Law is a specialized branch of political science. Students who take pre-law preparation in political science get a head start in law school. Such areas as American government, Constitutional law, public administration, and political theory have particular relevance for future legal study.

Those interested in careers in government... Opportunities for political science graduates in government are good. Majors offered by the department provide a good background for a career in government. A Public Administration Emphasis (see below) concentrates specifically on preparing students for an administrative career.

Those interested in careers in the private sector... Studies show that many students of political science end up using their skills in the private sector, especially in the areas of international business and the trade and labor sectors.

Others: Those interested in teaching.Everyone who desires to carry out properly his or her role as a citizen.Everyone who desires to be a broadly-educated person.