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History of Faculty

Former Faculty at 2010 Homecoming with President McPhee

Drs. Franklin & Peterson, 2009

Dr. Korobkov (far left) in Russia, 2011.


  • *Maynor, John (2000) (PhD, York -UK)
  • *Franklin, Sekou (2003) (PhD, Howard)
  • *Petersen, Karen (2004) (PhD, Vanderbilt) (Assistant Dean, 2010- )
  • *Di Paolo, Amanda (2008) (PhD, Syracuse)
  • *Morris, Stephen (2009) (PhD, Univ. of Arizona) (Chair 2009- )
  • *Robertson, Stephen (2010)
  • *Syler, James Kent (2011)

* Active faculty


  • *Tesi , Moses (1990) (PhD, Vanderbilt)
  • *Byrnes, Mark E. (1991) (PhD, Vanderbilt)
    Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, 2006-2010; Dean 2010 - )
  • Sloan, Ann (1993) (PhD, Ohio State)
  • *Langenbach, Lisa (1993) (PhD, Purdue)
  • *Carlton, David (1994) (PhD, Purdue)
  • *Livingston, Steven (1998) (PhD, Harvard)
  • *McDaniel, Robb (1998) (PhD, Vanderbilt)
  • *Willis, Clyde E. (1998) (PhD, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • *Korobkov, Andrei (1999) (PhD, Univ. of Alabama)


  • Vile, John (1989) (PhD, Univ. of Virginia)
    (Chair 1989-2008) Dean, Honor's College (2008 - )


  • Bolin, Imogene (1970) (Graduate Study, Univ. of Tennessee)


In 1967 when Political Science is first listed as a separate department, the faculty included:

  • Boyer, Elizabeth (LLB, Univ. of Colorado)
  • Cunningham, Everett (PhD, Univ. of Kentucky)
  • Grubbs, David (Ph D, Univ. of Pennsylvania) (Chair 1969-1988)
  • Parks, Norman (Ph D, Vanderbilt) (Chair until 1969)
  • *Perez-Reilly, Mario (ABD, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Turner, Jack J. (Graduate Study, Univ. of Kentucky)
  • Vandervort, Thomas (PhD, Univ. of Tennessee)
  • Essex, Frank W. (MAT, Vanderbilt)

Subsequent additions/changes..

  • Peacock, Curry (1968) (MCP, Georgia Tech)
  • Seaman, Esther M. (1969) (PhD, Univ. of Minnesota)
  • *Vernardakis, George (1969) (PhD, Univ. of Michigan)

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