Political Science


Amanda DiPaolo
Assistant Professor

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  • B.A. - St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB, Canada (2001)
  • M.A. - Syracuse University (2004)
  • Ph.D. (with Distinction) - Syracuse University (2008)


Research & Publications

Journal Articles

  • "Procedure vs. Substance: Supreme Court rationales for adjudicating security related cases in Canada and the United States."; International Journal of Human Rights. Forthcoming Volume 13, Issue 4 2009.
  • "Battle for State Control. Lessons from Violent Non-state Actors Imitating the State: Columbia, Nicaragua and Lessons for Iraq."; World Affairs. Spring 2005.

Book Chapters

  • "Presidential leadership during war"; chapter in the Ashgate Reader on Political Leadership. Forthcoming November 2009.

Encyclopedia Entries

  • "The Federalist"; in Encyclopedia on Modern Political Thought. CQ Press. Forthcoming, 2010.
  • "ex parte Milligan"; , " Padilla v. Rumsfeld";, and " Hamdi v. Rumsfeld"; in Encyclopedia of the United States Constitution , ed. David Schultz. Facts on File, 2009 .

Book Reviews

  • The Colombia Guide to the Vietnam War (2002) in Armed Forces & Society, January 2009, 35, 2. 413-414.
  • On the Ethics of War and Terrorism (2007) in Law and Politics Book Review. Vol. 18, No. 5. May 2008, 432-434.
  • Asymmetric Warfare: Today's Challenge to U.S. Military Power. Brassy's Inc. (2003) Roger Barnett. in Armed Forces & Society. Summer 2005.

Works in Progress

  • "Levels of scrutiny: The Canadian Supreme Court and National Security decision making"; Book manuscript.
  • "9/11 Executive Orders: The potential use of the American military on home soil."; Journal Article with funding from MTSU.
  • "National Security Laws since 2001: A look at the West and the East"; Journal Article with MTSU funding.
  • Sotomayor's views on Executive Authority: What a Sotomayor Court means for Federalism. Journal Article.
  • Encyclopedia on the Fourth Amendment entries: Rasul v. Bush, U.S. v. U.S. District Court, Terrorist Surveillance Program, and Laird v. Tatum.