Political Science


Political Science | Public Administration | Paralegal Studies   

International Relations | Political and Civic Engagement
Minor in Political Science
The Minor in Political Science requires 18 credit hours, including:
Minor in Public Administration
The Minor in Public Administration requires 18 credit hours, including:

And 12 hours from the following:

Minor in Paralegal Studies
The Minor in Paralegal Studies requires 30 credit hours, including:
6 hours of electives chosen from the following courses:*
  • PS 4590: Administrative Law
  • PLEG 4010: Internship
  • BLAW 3400
  • BLAW 3430
  • BLAW 3450
  • BLAW 3460
  • BLAW 4420
  • BLAW 4470
  • BLAW 4490
  • BLAW 4500
  • RIM 3700
  • CJA 2400
  • CJA 3250

*Some of these courses may have prerequisites. Students minoring in these areas, may also count these courses toward their Paralegal Minor.

In addition, students must meet the following collateral requirements:

Student interested in the Paralegal Minor should contact an advisor in the Political Science Department as early in the academic careers as possible.
For a Paralegal Minor Checksheet click here.

Minor in International Relations
The Minor in International Relations requires the following courses: and 9 hours of electives from among the following courses:

Minor Political and Civic Engagement
The minor in Political and Civic Engagement provides students with an active, experiential program focused on gaining practical knowledge in different areas. Beyond foundation courses, students devote most of their time to participation in simulation, internships, study abroad, and community-based projects. For more information contact the Department of Political Scienc

Requirements (effective Fall 2015):
Take two (6 credit hours) from the following:

PS 1005 Introduction to American Politics (if major is other than Political Science)

PS 3270 NGOs and Non-Profits
PS 3550: Democratic Participation and Civic Advocacy 
PS 3430 Political Campaign Management

Take 12 credit hours from among the following courses:
EXL 2030 Civic Engagement Practicum (1-3 cr)
EXL 3020 Leadership Studies Practicum (1-3 cr)
EXL 3030 Civic Engagement Practicum (1-3cr)
PS 2100: Legal Courtroom Procedure (1 cr)
PS 2110: Moot Court (1 cr)
PS 2120: Mediation Procedure(1 cr)
PS 2130: Model United Nations/Crisis Simulation(1 cr)
PS 3780: Study Abroad (3-6 cr)
PS 4040: Pre-Law Internship (3cr)
PS 4270: Political Campaign Internship (1-6 cr)
PS 4280: The Washington Experience(12 cr)*
PS 4290: Public Service Internship(1-12 cr)*
PS 4360: Legislative Internship(12cr)*
PS 4950: Community-Based Research Practicum(1-6 cr)

* A maximum of 6 hours for any one of these internships may be counted toward the minor (if the internship is for 9 or 12 hours, it may be possible to apply the additional hours to your major). Discuss this with your faculty adviser.