Political Science

Upper Division Forms

Students must submit an Upper Division Form (below) and an Intent to Graduate Form with their graduation coordinators during priority registration when two semesters are remaining before graduation,. Hard copies of both these forms may also be obtained in the Department office.

You should complete the form that corresponds to your program and the catalog you will be graduating under. . Requirements for Political Science and International Relations were changed for students beginning in the fall of 2010 and a minor change was made to the International Relations program beginning fall 2013. Students previously enrolled may follow the new program if they wish. Please consult your advisor to make sure you are using the proper Upper Division Form.

Majors should be advised regularly . Academic advising is required for freshman, transfer students, new majors, and for students completing their upper division forms. Suggestion: Use the appropriate Upper Division Form as a check sheet to keep track of your progress and easily identify what you still need to take. Consult the Handbook for additional information, including on how to generate a degree evaluation through Raidernet.