Post Office

Postal Service Guidelines

The United States Postal Service operates a contract station on campus. The rules and regulations are the same for contract stations as other United States Post Offices. However, the post office personnel are not United States Postal employees. Therefore, holidays for the campus post office are observed on the same schedule as other employees of the University.

Since a system is operational for intra-campus communications, personal correspondence between students may be processed free of charge. However, the sender and addressee must be identified by name and MTSU post office box number, in order for the mail to be processed. Only students with a MTSU post office box may send mail to other students free of charge. All students may send mail to Faculty and Departments free of charge. If they do not have a MTSU post office box, they should put their name and M number in the upper left hand corner of the letter and either give to a post office clerk or drop in the intra campus drop near the post office window.

Certain types of mail do not qualify for free intra-campus mail service:
Mail that advertises or seeks to sell any product or service to another.
Chain letters, lottery participation and obscene and lewd publications or writings are prohibited.
Students may not allow others to use their MTSU post office box number for the purpose of avoiding payment of postage.
Mail received for students without a post office box will be returned to sender.

Campus election material (SGA) may be processed in a limited quantity, provided three (3) days are allowed for processing.

Any unusual type of mail needs to be approved by the campus mail manager prior to entry into the mail system.

Only one student may receive mail in a single box, except for married students.

For postage rates, there is a calculator available on the USPS web site.

ZIP Codes can be found here.

International parcels require an electronic customs form, which can be accessed from here. If you have difficulty getting the form to print, you may need to clear your cache or change browsers. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are usually best.

The campus post office handles all change of address requests for students. Submit any change of address to the campus post office(look in FAQs for how to submit your change of address), not the US Postal Service.