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Project Help Prep is the next step for many children graduating from our Early Intervention and Early Learning programs, as well as, a fantastic first classroom experience for three, four, and five year-olds preparing to enter the public school system.

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Each child entering the Prep program is evaluated using the Development Assessment for Young Children (DAYC) diagnostic to determine their needs and their strengths. This information allows teachers to develop activities adapted to each child's individual learning styles.

Activities, both indoors and out, build on developmental domains such as: speech / language, motor skills, self-help, and cognitive. Learning centers and monthly theme-based lesson plans incorporate art, book exploration, puzzles, dramatic play, house keeping, and other activities enhance learning. In the hands of our teachers dramatic play becomes an opportunity to develop language skills by prompting  a child to talk about their actions, and what they are imagining around themselves. In a house keeping center, sweeping and vacuuming are guided to improve motor skills. Each center or activity targets specific skills.

All Project Help programs are inclusive natural-environments where children who are developing typical and those with delays or disabilities play together and learn from each other. Project Help Prep also provides a variety of diverse and creative cultural experience to stimulate high achieving toddlers.

Project Help Prep strives to be a fun and challenging learning environment for all children.