How To

These instructions are the same regardless of what OS you're connecting from:

1.       Open a browser to using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

2.       Enter your FSA username and password and click OK.

3.       A bar may appear at the top of the browser requesting that you install a plug in from Juniper Networks.  Go ahead and click the bar and select “Install This Add-on for All Users on This Computer…”.  Click “Install” on the next box that pops up.

4.       Once the web page refreshes, click “Start” beside “Network Connect”.

5.       Click “Always” in the “Setup Control – Warning” box that pops up.  If a “Windows Security Alert” box pops up, click on “Unblock”.

7.       When you have finished, right click on the Network Connect icon (it looks like a circuit board) in the task tray and select “Exit”.  The icon will look like a gear with two boxes above it.

8.       Close the “Secure Access SSL VPN” web page if it is still open.