ITD is currently rolling out an enterprise reporting solution called Argos. Argos can be used to connect to the Banner database or the BlueInfo data warehouse views now known as the M: drive.

Argos allows for timely and informed data-driven decision-making and meets MTSU's various reporting needs. While Argos provides static reports, it also offers advanced features such as graphics, OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) cubes, dynamic controls, interactive charts and graphs with "drill down" capabilities that can be used in dashboards, and more. While Argos reports can be run at any time, they can also be scheduled to operate on specific days and times and distributed to whomever should receive the reports.

Argos users are categorized as Report Viewers, Report Writers, and DataBlock Designers. Report Viewers can execute reports that have already been created. Most individuals will have this role. Report Writers will be able to execute reports as well as modify existing reports and create new ones. DataBlock Designers can execute, create, and modify reports as well as build the DataBlocks that Report Writers and Viewers use to get their data. DataBlocks are the foundation for any report written in Argos and contain the user input forms and queries used to retrieve data and information from one or more data sources.

Argos will become a common location for various divisions to house their reports. Rather than waiting for ad hoc data requests to be fulfilled, individuals will be able to run previously created Argos reports whenever they need them. While this will provide campus the ability to do much of their own reporting, there will always be specific requests that will require new DataBlocks and reports to be created via ad hoc data requests.

This is a great step forward for the University when it comes to a common location for reporting and the advanced reporting styles available in Argos.