Project Goals

  1. To provide a fully functional, easy-to-use, COMMON calendar system organization-wide
  2. To create a SINGLE global address list with email addresses and phone numbers within the email system (no more need to consult the "Find People"; Web link)
  3. Significantly greater and centralized storage space for email (1GB or more quota vs. 40MB)
  4. Significantly improved (both functionality and ease-of-use) smart phone (all types) support
  5. Much more robust backup and restoration capabilities than the previous Mirapoint appliances
  6. To permit ITD to provide better support to faculty and staff email users by standardizing on a single client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, etc. can no longer be used)
  7. To position the University for future communications enhancements from Microsoft and other parties; all products in this space target Exchange first because it has a dominant market share
  8. Superior integration with current and future Microsoft products that MTSU already owns
  9. To position the University to take advantage of converged telecommunications products from Microsoft (Unified Messaging, Lync) and others with respect to integrated voice mail (with email), virtual phones, Instant Messages, "presence"; information, and unique utilities for those with special needs.
  10. To position the University to be able to implement archive and e-discovery systems
  11. This endeavor will bring MTSU into consistency with virtually every other school and commercial organization in the world