Rumor Mill Responses

Will my email address change?
Yes and no. Your new email addresses will be (You will keep your old email address, but a new one will be assigned as your primary address).

I heard that the old server allowing the old address to be used will be turned off after six months.
Yes, the old email system will be decommissioned at some point in the future; however, forwarding messages from your previous email address to your new address will continue indefinitely. The old server is not required to make that happen.

My email address still looks like the old format on RaiderNet even though I have an Exchange email account now. Is this an error?
No, this is not an error. Both accounts are still valid and will receive email in the same inbox. IT needs to keep the "old style" email active in RaiderNet until some other back-end processing systems can be modified to recognize the new Exchange email format fully and properly. This is a top priority. It should be completed sometime in 2012.