Faculty Grants and Awards

Instructional Evaluation and Development Grants

The deadlines for the IEDG proposal submissions are as follows:

  • September 23, 2011
  • October 28, 2011
  • February 17, 2012
  • April 6, 2012 (if needed)


For more information, please contact Janice Lewis at jlewis@mtsu.edu or ext. 2881 or fax 5029.

Forms & Guidelines
The following forms for Instructional Evaluation and Development Grants are available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.

Form Available Formats
Instructional Development Grants (Updated 5/11)
[ Word]

Past Recipients
Past Instructional Evaluation and Development Grant recipients for the past two years include:

2010-2011 IEDG Recipients

Name Department
John Donovan Art
William Yelverton Music
Donald Belcher Health & Human Performance
Mary Nichols Electronic Media Communication
Judith Rusciolelli Foreign Languages & Literatures
Diana Cheng Mathematical Science
Kevin Donovan, Jeff Gibson,Ron Kates English/Speech & Theatre
J. Seth Johnson Art
Deanna Little Music
James Rust Psychology
Katie Kemp Management & Marketing
Gail Zlotky Aerospace
Lawanna Fisher/Joan Raines University Studies
Wandi Ding Mathematical Science
Scott McDaniel University Studies
Cosette Collier Recording Industry

2009-2010 IEDG Recipients

Name Department
Robin Lee Psychology
Ryan Otter Biology
Gina Pisut Human Sciences
Kimberly Ujich-Ward Psychology
Bob Wood Recording Industry
William Yelverton Music
Robin Lee Psychology
Priya Ananth Foreign Languages & Literatures
Marilyn Wood Recording Industry
Karen Petersen Political Science
Georganne Ross Elementary & Special Education
Bob Wood Recording Industry
Michael Fleming Rec. Industry