• Psychology major Jennifer Johnson is an Honors student and editor of Collage
  • MTSU Psychology students put on a health literacy fair at Barfield Elementary
  • Dr. Paul Foster, who specializes in neuropsychology, goes over data with students
  • Professor Janet Belsky studies lifespan development
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Masters' Comprehensive Exam Registration

In order to take the Comprehensive Exam you have to be a 'graduate' student attending our college and approved by the professor and/or degree coordinator.

To register for the Masters' Comprehensive Exam, please complete the ENTIRE form below:

First Attempt?

When do you plan to register for Comp?


See Masters' Comprehensive Exam Schedule.

*If you are an I/O student and will be taking the PHR, please indicate that on the form (Area/Degree)

Important Notes

  • Check with professor(s) regarding study classes, forms, etc.
  • Deadline for registraion is noted on the Schedule page.
  • Registration will NOT be accepted during the week BEFORE the exam! (unless approved by professor.)
  • Please contact Karen Nunley at 615.898.5192 as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your seating for the exam.

There is no fee to take the Comprehensive Exam