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Workmark/Logo requests (Logo Guide PDF)

We are often asked for MTSU wordmark and logo files. We are happy to work with you to make sure your project is within University standards and is suitable for your goal.

Please fill in the form below to request a logo or a wordmark. Note carefully how each will be used so that the correct file format can be provided.

Web: logo files for on-screen use only, particularly for webpages.

MS Office programs such as Word or PowerPoint: these programs need files that are friendly to them.

Printed materials: these documents need high-resolution, vector-based files or pixel-based files that are saved at the size at which they will be reproduced.

You can also use marks specifically designed for your college, department, or office. We have many of them on file or can create one at no cost to you. Please fill in the request form below in order for us to send you the right kind of file.

Department or office:
Account/Index #:
True Blue
Do you need the
  MTSU wordmark
  MT mark
  I am True Blue mark
  a college/department name with the University wordmark
  a college/department name with the MT mark
  a customized MT mark
How will the mark be used? (check all that apply)
  MS Office programs
  in print
  printed on a shirt
  embroidered on a shirt
How many colors do you want it to be?
  black only
  black and MTSU blue
  white only
  CMYK (for print)
  RGB (for web or screen)
How large will it be, in inches, when it is used?

If you are using an outside vendor, what file format is needed? (If you do not know the answer to this question, please give us contact information for your vendor.)


Vendor contact information:

What is the deadline?
To what email or FTP address should the file be sent: