Registrar's Office

Fee Payment/Confirmation

The Fee Payment System gives immediate access to account information and offers students the opportunity to handle most financial obligations without campus contact via Mastercard, Visa, or check card. Before accessing the system be sure to review the section on Tips and Cautions.

Note that all published deadlines are enforced in the PipelineMT system.

How to Pay on PipelineMT

  • Access RaiderNet via PipelineMT
  • Once in PipelineMT, select the RaiderNet tab and then Student & Financial Aid.
  • Select Account Summary/Pay Fees/Confirm Registration and then select the term.
    Your account balance summary and account detail for the term will be displayed. Select Payment by Credit Card to process a credit card payment. Select Confirm Your Registration if your balance is zero or a credit. When your confirmation is completed, you will be given a Confirmation Number .