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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Registration Terminology

These courses meet during the Fall and Spring semesters in an eight-week format. Currently only online courses are approved for accelerated parts of terms. Please note that courses in Accelerated Term A2 will have an orientation meeting or online orientation within the first 14 days of the semester. Students are responsible for reading memo notes on RaiderNet and checking MTSU e-mail to receive information about their accelerated courses. For more information, contact (615) 898-5611 or go to Accelerated courses will not exchange evenly with Full-Term or RODP courses once the semester begins.

Some courses require enrollment in a lecture and lab in the same academic term. If a course has a corequisite, students may register by entering both CRNs before clicking the submit button on the Add or Drop page. If both CRNs are not entered in the same transaction, a Corequisite Error message is displayed.

To find if a course has a corequisite, click on the Display Corequisites link at the bottom of the Look Up Classes or Add or Drop page. Students may also access Display Corequisites from the Registration menu.

The course number in RaiderNet is made up of three fields–the subject, course number, and section number. Search by subject alone or by both subject and number on the Look Up Classes link.

The section number may begin with an alpha character to identify the course as one of the following: D-Distance Learning; G-Governor's School; H-Honors; I-International Students Only; K-Prescribed courses; KC-Prescribed course, combined content; KE-Prescribed course, English as a Second Language; KS-Prescribed course, combined studio course (ENGL 1009K/1010K); KV-Prescribed course, veterans only; L-Learning Community; N-Generation Next Living Learning Community; S-Study Abroad; R-RODP courses; and V-Veterans Only.

The CRN is a course reference number. It is a five-digit code that is unique to every course section and is entered into RaiderNet from the Registration menu on the Add or Drop page.

Sections that must have department permission require that students contact the department offering the course for permission to register. If permission is granted, the department will enter a permit (SPEC) so that students can register for the course error free on RaiderNet.

A student may have a hold that prevents registration if money is owed to the University, advising is required, an admissions requirement or testing has not been completed, etc. Holds must be resolved before registration. RaiderNet will indicate which department has a hold on student's record. Contact that department to resolve the hold. Registration holds will prevent adds and drops. Required Advising: A hold will appear on your account on March 24 if advising has not been completed (see page 14).

Overrides may be issued for a particular registration error such as class-level restrictions, prerequisites, and time conflicts. Academic departments and college advisors may enter overrides on a student's record.

Online courses meeting online at the time/days of the week specified in RaiderNet.

RaiderNet is a tab within your Pipeline account. It allows students to access their academic and financial information, update their personal information, and register for classes.

Instructors use RaiderNet to manage their courses and submit grades. Alumni can also log in to RaiderNet to view their academic history, print unofficial transcripts, and request official transcripts.

To access RaiderNet go to the MTSU home page at Click on the PipelineMT link. To log into PipelineMT, the user must know his/her username (first part of MTSU email address) and password or go to to retrieve this information or change your password.