Registrar's Office

Selective Service Registration

All male US citizens and male non citizens who take up residency in the United States of America before their 26th birthday must register with Selective Service prior to registering for classes at MTSU. This requirement does not apply to veterans and others exempt by federal law. Obtain additional information or register on-line at


Eligible students who have not registered with Selective Service or have not verified with MTSU their registration with Selective Service will have a registration hold placed on their record and will not be allowed to register until the conditions for the hold have been satisfied. Selective Service holds can be cleared by coming to the Records Office and completing a Selective Service Verification form. If you have not registered with Selective Service you may complete the Selective Service Registration form. MTSU will forward your Selective Service Registration to the Atlanta office.

For more information, please contact Ray Howell, 615-898-2601,