Registrar's Office

What If ... RaiderNet Via PipelineMT

. . . a course is closed?

Access RaiderNet via PipelineMT for open sections. If a section is closed, use RaiderNet to search for other open sections at the same time or different times.

. . . a course is restricted?

Some course sections require departmental permission before registration. Contact the academic department for permission; then access RaiderNet via PipelineMT to register. Some courses require specific course prerequisites or have other registration restrictions which require that students have specific majors, classification, candidacy, etc. before registration can occur. Check the current catalog for prerequisite or other requirements. If you have met the requirements and still have problems during registration, please contact the academic department of the course.

. . . I need a CRN (Course Reference Number)?

  • Use PipelineMT and select the RaiderNet tab, then Student, Registration, Look Up Classes, select term, subject, course, then all sections of the course displays and indicates status (open, closed, etc.) and seats available
  • Contact the department offering the course

. . . I can't find an alternate course?

Contact your academic advisor or the department of your major.

. . . I choose courses with conflicting times?

RaiderNet via PipelineMT will not allow registration for courses with time conflicts unless you have an override. To be allowed to register with a time conflict, the department offering the course may enter a time conflict override if the instructor agrees.

. . . I need a printout of my schedule?

Your schedule will be printed on your bill. You may verify your schedule on RaiderNet via PipelineMT; you can click on the Registration menu, Schedule (grid format) to print your schedule.

. . . I entered an incorrect CRN?

Drop the incorrect course if you are enrolled and then enter the correct CRN.

. . . I need to register for an overload of classes?

Undergraduate - Obtain permission from the dean of the college of your major or the University College Advising Center for undeclared majors. After the dean's office updates your record, resume registration on RaiderNet via PipelineMT.

Graduate - Obtain signed overload form from your advisor and deliver to the dean of the College of Graduate Studies. After the Graduate office updates your record, resume registration on RaiderNet via PipelineMT. Overloads will not allow entry into closed classes.

. . . I have a hold preventing registration?

Holds MUST be resolved before registration. RaiderNet will indicate which department has a hold on your record. After clearing the hold, resume registration. Holds prevent dropping and adding.

. . . I have problems using RaiderNet?

Contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 898-5345.