Undergraduate Change of Major/Program Form

  • It is highly recommended that you meet with an advisor and your Enrollment Counselor in your intended new major before submitting this form to ensure your major/minor selection meets your career goals as well as abides by University policy and understand any impact on financial aid and scholarships.
  • You must be registered in at least one class in order to use the online change of major form.
  • Please be aware that certain majors require specific minors or limit your minor choices.
  • Students cannot double major, nor double minor in the College of Business.
  • Some majors in the College of Liberal Arts offer a choice of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS). See an advisor for further explanation.
  • Requirement of minors vary by major. For example, some majors do not require minors, some have built-in minor(s), some require one minor while others require two minors. Consult the Undergraduate catalog or your advisor for more information.
  • If you have already turned in an Upper Division and Intent to Graduate form for any major, do not use this form. Complete an Upper Division and Intent to Graduate form for your new major and submit it to your college Graduation Coordinator:
      • College of Basic and Applied Sciences: Keathley University Center 322
      • College of Behavioral and Health Sciences: College of Education Building 311
      • College of Business: Business and Aerospace N233 or N234
      • College of Education: College of Education Building 311
      • College of Liberal Arts: Todd Building 221C
      • College of Mass Communication: Ezell Building 113A
      • University College: 855 W College Street, Maple Leaf Village, Suite K

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The information you submit regarding major and minor(s) will be used to check the progress toward your degree.

  • If changing first major/minor(s), then select appropriate major and all intended minor(s).
  • If declaring or changing second major/minor(s), then select the appropriate major and all intended minor(s).
  • If only adding minor(s), then select "Declaring Minor(s) Only - No Major Change" from the Major menu and select the appropriate minor(s).
  • If you wish to remove minor(s) or if you are double majoring and no longer wish to, then use to comments box to indicate what minor(s) or major needs to be removed.

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Athletes: Your request will be forwarded to the Student-Athlete Enhancement Center for approval prior to processing.

Once your request has been processed, the Registrar's Office (Records) will email a confirmation to the address you listed above. If there are problems with your request, you will also be emailed at the above listed address. The department of your requested major will be notified of your major change and will assign a faculty advisor or contact you if any additional details are needed or if there are any problems with your choice of major and/or minor(s).


MTSU, a Tennessee Board of Regents university, is an equal opportunity, non-racially identifiable, educational institution that does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities.

Updated 11/20/13