Office of Research

Research Council

The Research Council (RC) is an advisory group to the VPR that works to support the research mission described in the University's Academic Master Plan. The primary focus of the RC is to work with the VPR to develop strategic directions that will grow research, scholarship, and creative activities at the University.

Responsibilities of the Research Council:

  • Serve as the primary advisory group to the Vice Provost for Research (VPR) on matters relating to research, scholarship, and creative activities
  • Identify "strategic niche"; areas of research and the resources required to promote and enhance these and existing research programs
  • Recommend the development of specific institutional policies, resources, facilities, and equipment to enhance the research capacity and infrastructure at MTSU
  • Identify and facilitate the development of synergies and collaborations between faculty and scholars within and outside the University
  • Seek alliances and partnerships with public and private entities that will improve our research capacity and productivity and enhance the quality of the research environment
  • Serve as advocates for working conditions that are conducive to sustained and enhanced research productivity
  • Work with the Office of Research on special problems defined by the VPR


The RC is composed of a group of faculty selected by the VPR to serve a one academic year term and may be re-appointed by the VPR. The following faculty are members of the Research Council for the 2008-2009 academic year:

Dr. Heather Brown
Associate Professor
Department of Engineering Technology

Dr. Andrienne Friedli
Department of Chemistry

Dr. Mike Hein
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

Dr. Myra Norman
Office of Research Services

Dr. Ryan Otter
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology

Dr. Bill Robertson
Department of Physics

Dr. Amy Sayward
Professor and Chair
Department of History