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Computer Lab Resident Directors:

A Computer Lab Resident Director who in cooperation with Steven Clippard hires, staffs, and supervises the computer labs within the residence halls. Currently, we have 6 labs within the residence halls that are located in Lyon, Smith, Wood, Cummings, Monohan and Womack Lane. Computer Lab RD's also run the ResNet Help Desk and work to eliminate any problems with Ethernet access in student's rooms.

Nicholas Biddle
office: (615) 898-4271
email: njb2v@mtmail.mtsu.edu

ResNet Help Desk

The ResNet Repair shop is a FREE service offered to all students living on campus. If you're having trouble connecting to the campus network, installing a network card, removing viruses from your computer, or getting rid of spyware, we're here to help! Just drop by our office with your computer, and one of our technicians will be glad to take a look at it for you. Often we can fix it right there on the spot, but sometimes we may ask that you leave your computer with us and we will contact you when it is ready.

Our office is located inside Womack Clubhouse lobby. When you bring your computer, please do not bring your mouse, keyboard, monitor, or power cables. We only need the actual computer.

Hours: 12pm-10pm Monday-Friday, Closed for School Holidays
Phone: 898-5891
Email: resnet@mtsu.edu