Housing & Residential Life

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an MTSU e-mail account?
Go here: www.mtsu.edu/changepw . Really, it's that easy.

Where are other housing computer labs on campus?
There are housing computer labs located in Lyon, Judd, Womack Lane, Wood, and Corlew residence halls.

What are the computer lab hours?
All labs are available to residents of that building 24 hours. For other residents, the labs are available during front desk hours.

Are wireless routers or swtiches allowed in the dorm rooms?
Wireless routers or switches are NOT allowed in the dorm rooms. If you need information about wireless connections, please refer to MTSU's wireless information .

Who can use the housing computer labs?
Only residents and staff of university housing may use the housing computer labs. One guest may accompany a resident to a computer lab; however, the guest must leave when the resident leaves. The resident is also held accountable for his or her guest.

Can I bring my cell phone or pager into a lab?
Not unless you turn them off or put them on silent mode. You are not to answer or speak on a cell phone in a lab as it is disruptive to others.

Can I install my own software on a lab computer?
No. If you need a program installed for a class, please let the Lab Assistant know, or email the Lab Team Leader in charge of the lab. The email of the LTLs' should be posted around the lab.

Can I eat or drink in the lab?
No. Drinks may be kept on the floor, capped, but cannot be consumed while seated at a computer.

If there is someone playing a game or using e-mail and I have a class project that requires the use of the computer, do I have priority over that person?
If there are no other computers available, you may ask that the person who is not working on something for class to give up the machine that they are using.

How do I check my frank account from my home or dorm room?
Go to https://webmail.mtsu.edu/.

How many pages can I print per day in the labs?
15 pages

Whats the ResNet helpdesk number?
The Helpdesk number is 898-5891.

How do I set up my XBOX Live or PS2 Online on the Housing Network?
All consoles should connect automatically without the need for any type of registration. If your console does not connect please call the Helpdesk (x5981)