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Connecting Your XBox

  • Turn on your Xbox with NO disk in the drive.
  • Go to the Dashboard, select Settings and hit A.

  • On the Settings screen, scroll down to highlight Network Settings and hit A.

  • On the Network Settings screen, in the lower right quadrant of the screen, you will see the MAC address displayed. It consists of a combination of 12 numbers and letters ( e.g. 00 04 1F 05 20 02). Your MAC address will be different. Each Xbox has a unique MAC address.
  • Please write down the MAC address and send it to the appropriate administration as mentioned on the Resnet Gaming Page .
  • To test your Xbox connection, turn it on. Go back into the Xbox Live menu and then again to Network Settings. Scroll down and open the Connect menu. This will open a diagnostic menu that verifies that a connection can be made to the Xbox Live service. You should be online. To test the configuration, load an Xbox Live enabled game.

Acknowledgment and thanks to University of Albany for the use of portions of their documentation. Used with permission.