University College Advising Center

What are the Raider Learning Communities?

The Raider Learning Communities (RLC) are courses that are linked together and/or share a common cohort of students. General Education courses have been paired to form communities. Since each community is made up of the same people, you get to know your classmates very easily. This program is designed with first-year students in mind, but any student who needs general education courses can participate.

Why should you participate in the RLC courses?

Research shows that students in learning communities have a higher GPA overall and are more apt to continue their higher education until graduation. RLCs offer opportunities for increased social and academic interactions. Since the students in one class are also in the other, forming study groups and meeting friends can be very simple.

What classes are involved in this program?

The Raider Learning Communities classes are all courses that count towards a students general education requirements. Therefore, regardless of your major, you can participate. Some RLCs have been created with certain majors in mind, but any student can register for them. See complete listing of RLC paired courses for specific classes offered

How do I sign up?   

  1. Decide the RLC in which you wish to participate.
  2. Talk to an Advisor about your interest in that community during CUSTOMS.
  3. Find the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the courses you wish to enroll.
  4. Enter the CRN on your RaiderNet registration page. Remember you have to register for both classes at the same time or you will get a registration error.
  5. Ask an Advisor for help if you have questions or are having trouble adding the courses

The University College Advising Center coordinates the Raider Learning Communities Program.
For more information you may contact Mark Convery at or via phone at 898-2339.