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Jessica A.

French & Spanish

"MTSU is set apart from other universities because of the student atmosphere. I love the interaction of everyone at the quad or in the Student Union."


Maeve B.


"The best kept secret of MTSU is the Raider Xpress. Using the bus routes has saved my life...and my gas money!"


Chloe B.

Exercise Science

"I chose MTSU because I wanted to attend a big and diverse university. Being about 20 minutes from home makes it far enough to say I'm away from home, but close enough that I can freely visit."


Olivia B.

Early Childhood Education

"MTSU faculty and staff are so dedicated to the students and genuinely care about our success."


Payten B. 

Speech-Language Pathology

"Advice I would tell prospective students is to live on campus your first year! It really helps you
get to know people and
you get the true college experience."


Mary Alison C.


"I chose MTSU because of my initial intended major, but even after I changed it, I stayed because of the community and the friendships I'd built that I knew I couldn't find anywhere else."


DeShun C.

Leisure, Sport & Tourism Studies

"MTSU has a very diverse culture on our campus. When you walk into a building or into a classroom  nobody is the same! Everybody comes from a totally different background and they come to this one place
with a common goal."


Jeremiah D.


"The best thing about
living in Murfreesboro is having all the conveniences of a big city with the feel of a small town."


Al'leta E.


"The people on campus set MTSU apart from other universities because no student is like the other and they are all equally respected."


Ramsey F.

Pre-Medical Biology

"My advice to prospective students is to get involved! There is no comparison to the fun and appreciation you gain from your college experience when you get involved."


Alex F.

Political Science / History / Religious Studies

"The best kept secret about MTSU that prospective students should know about is the charging stations in the library for phones and tablets."


Anna F.

Child Development & Family Studies

"My favorite thing about living in Murfreesboro is the small town feel, but with more options for entertainment... and Donut Country."


Emily G.

Multimedia Journalism

"I chose MTSU because despite the large student body, MTSU made me feel like a person and not a number."


Allison G.


"MTSU's best kept secret is Exam Jam at McCallie's. It's the best way to wrap
up the semester!"


Lily H.

Political Science

"Being close to the state capital is a dream for a political science major, so choosing MTSU was an easy pick for me!"


Aranda H.

Public Relations

"MTSU feels like a much smaller place than it is. I love the family that Blue Raiders become."


Emilie H.

Public Relations / Political Science

"The best kept secret at MTSU is the awesome technology in the Digital Media Studio in the library."


Meaghan H.

Higher Education Administration & Supervision

"Prospective students, get involved on campus and make the most of your college experience! Also, take advantage of the help offered in the library; it can be a life (and grade) saver!"


Maddy H.

Math Education

"Living in Murfreesboro is great because you have a great college town, but you are in easy driving distance to so many major cities (and Cookout is pretty awesome)."


Katie I.

Multimedia Journalism

"I would advise all prospective students to get involved! Find something that interests you, is involved with your major, or something that keeps you plugged in while on campus."


Skye I.

Political Science

"I chose MTSU because the Honors College was everything I wanted out of a school."


Shea K.

Healthcare Administration

"The best kept secret about MTSU is that the space outside of the Student Union ballroom is the quietest place to study at all hours of the day."


Madison M.


"I chose MTSU because I loved the hands on experience MTSU offered within the Biology major. I have the opportunity to do undergrad research with my professors unlike many schools who require only graduates. That is an invaluable experience!"


Grant M.

Organizational Communication

"MTSU is different from other schools because it is an open campus with a lot of opportunity to pursue all types of people and programs."


Kelsey M.

Media Management / Global Studies

"The best kept secret on campus is the free tutoring in the library and free movie theatre in the Student Union!" 


Taylor N.

Concrete Industry Management

"I chose MTSU because it made me feel like home."


Hermon P.

Global Studies

"The most insightful advice I could give a prospective student is to take advantage of opportunities for academic success like the writing center and tutoring."


Georgette R. 

Speech-Language Pathology

"MTSU is the most diverse, friendly, open, and lovely place I have ever been to. The student, faculty, and staff make everyone feel comfortable and know they can be themselves."


Breanna R.

Organizational Communication

"I wish every student and prospective student knew about the food in the JUB. RaiderZone is the best!"


Denarius S.

Political Science / Public Administration

"I chose MTSU because of the proximity to Nashville. As a political science major, I knew I wanted to work or intern at the state capital, so MTSU was the perfect fit for me.."


Nija T.

Concrete Industry Management

"MTSU is set apart from other universities because of the way we come together as a community."


Peyton T.

Organizational Communication

"Make sure you get involved in organizations, because you will then
build relationships and make friendships that will last a lifetime."

Emily W.

Emily W.

Global Studies

"I chose to come to MTSU because my tour guide's passion for the university helped me realize that this was the school for me."


Anthony W.

Audio Production

"What sets our university apart from others is the fact that our most esteemed and well-known programs  are very unique, such as Media and Entertainment, Concrete Industry Management, and Aerospace."


Maggie W.

Recording Industry Management

"I would advise all prospective students to get involved as much as possible. Join an organization, attend sporting events, be TRUE BLUE!"


Sara Beth Y.


"MTSU is a large university, but I have never felt small here. I know that no matter how many students attend MTSU each year, my voice will be heard. There are so many ways to get engaged in not only the classroom, but also across campus. I can always walk around campus at any point in the day, any day of the week, and I will always see a friendly, familiar face."

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