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MTSU Foundation and Departmental Scholarships

MTSU offers approximately 700 endowed scholarships to approximately 2000 students each year; scholarships are awarded by various academic and administrative departments.Some MTSU departments also offer departmental scholarships. Application processes vary; many scholarships require online applications or paper applications, while others are awarded based on academic achievement or other factors and do not require an application.

What are Foundation and departmental scholarships? Click HERE to find out!

Please Note:The scholarships you see listed on the website below generally include every Foundation Scholarship offered at MTSU, along with several departmental scholarships. Scholarships which are listed may or may not be awarded in a given year, depending on available funding . Departments which use a single application for all scholarships will generally consider you for all scholarships which have available funding and for which you meet the minimum requirements. Departments which use a separate application for each scholarship will be able to help you determine which scholarships will be awarded this year, so that you can submit the correct applications. Information may not be current, if a department has not provided updates to the Scholarship Office; please contact departments of interest for the most up-to-date information.


  • Click here for information about Foundation Scholarships awarded through the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.
  • Go to the 'ScholarX Search Tool', then click on a search button to indicate how you wish to search. Press Submit to start the search.
    • Use the Category Search feature to find scholarships which match a certain profile, such as major, county, or classification.
    • Use the Description and Name Search feature to find scholarships which contain a certain word in the name or description. In particular, incoming freshmen may wish to search for the SouthEast Bank Scholarship and/or the Centennial Scholarship.
    • The Keyword Feature is not in use at the current time.
  • Read the descriptions of the listed scholarships to find awards in which you are interested.
  • For awards of interest, read the "How to Apply" instructions carefully.
    • If the scholarship uses an online application through ScholarX, a link will be provided in the instructions.
    • Otherwise, the instructions will include a website, phone number, office location, or other information about how to get an application.
    • Please note that some scholarships do not require an application but are instead awarded based on academic achievements or other factors.
    • Important: Disregard the "Apply!" link at the top of the page. MTSU does not use this feature.

Scholarship Deadlines:

Most scholarships have an application deadline of February 15. After a scholarship deadline has passed, the application for that scholarship will no longer be available or accepted. After all deadlines have passed for the upcoming year, the scholarship search page will be available but students will not be able to apply for any of the listed awards.

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Updated November 2012