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Transfer Academic Scholarships

(for first time transfers enrolling for the Spring 2014 or Spring 2015 semester)

Visit our Spring Enrollees homepage for information about other scholarship opportunities.

Do you plan to first enroll at MTSU for the spring semester after completing an associates degree or the equivalent coursework at another school?

While most transfer scholarships are not available to spring enrollees, we are able to offer a small number of academic scholarships to transfer students who first enroll in the spring and who meet minimum academic requirements.

Scholarships At a Glance (click on each heading for more details)

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Transfer students who are interested in an academic scholarship for the Spring 2014 semester must have an admission application and an official transcript through the most recent semester (Spring or Summer 2013) on file in the Admissions Office.  Consideration will be given to students who apply for admission and submit transcripts by October 1, 2013. 

(Transferring in Spring 2015?  Submit your Spring or Summer 2014 transcripts by October 1, 2014.)

 Scholarship Overview

(Please Note:  MTSU offers several other scholarships to transfer students who first enroll in the summer or fall term, including the Phi Theta Kappa, 2+2, Raider, Honors Transfer and Transfer Diversity Scholarships.  We encourage you to visit the Transfer Scholarships homepage to learn about these potential opportunities and decide whether you wish to defer your enrollment for a semester in order to qualify.  All transfer scholarships are competitive;  as student who meets the minimum requirements is not guaranteed a scholarship.)

TBR Community College Academic Service Scholarship

Transfer students from TBR community colleges will be considered for a TBR Academic Service Scholarship if they have at least a 3.0 cumulative college GPA and 45-105 earned hours after the Spring 2013 semester.  The scholarship is $3,000 per academic year and is renewable for up to four (4) semesters.  (45 scholarships per year)

Non-TBR Academic Service Scholarship

Transfer students from schools other than TBR community colleges with a minimum 3.0 cumulative college GPA will be considered for the Academic Service Scholarship.

Students must have earned 45-105 hours after the summer term preceding enrollment at MTSU to be considered for this award.  The scholarship is $3,000 per academic year and is renewable for up to four (4) semesters. (5 scholarships per spring semester)

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The Fine Print

  • Deadline for priority consideration is October 1.
  • No scholarship application is required.  All incoming transfers who apply for admission and submit required documents by the priority deadline will be considered.
  • Recipients must meet GPA, enrollment, service and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain continuing eligibility.  For more information about SAP requirements, please visit MTSU's Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Unless noted, scholarships are granted for a maximum of 4 semesters.
  • Scholarships are not available during summer terms.
  • Only students who receive scholarships will be notified.  Award letters will be sent in late November 2012 and will include a Scholarship Agreement which must be signed and returned.
  • MTSU transfer scholarships are highly competitive in nature.  Students meeting the minimum criteria will be ranked by GPA within each scholarship type; awards will be offered to top-ranked students, to the extent that funding is available.
  • The awarding of scholarships is based on the availability of funds and the criteria set forth by the appropriate governing bodies, and is subject to change.
  • In the event that MTSU offers multiple scholarships to a student, only one academic scholarship can be accepted.  Students who are offered two scholarships will be awarded the higher of the two.  A student may receive a university scholarship in addition to a Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship.
  • A student's total aid including scholarships cannot exceed his or her budgeted Cost of Attendance (COA).  For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (615) 898-2830.

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Continuing Eligibility Criteria

  • Students are required to complete 75 hours of service to MTSU each semester (except as noted).  five service hours per week will be completed in an academic or administrative department.  Please visit Scholarship Service Program for information about the Scholarship Service Program at MTSU.
  • Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 after each semester.
  • Students must enroll at least full-time every fall and spring semester.
  • If a student is unable to meet continuing eligibility criteria due to extenuating circumstances, he or she may appeal to regain eligibility by submitting supporting documentation.  If a student is unable to meet the GPA requirement, he or she may appeal to regain eligibility when he or she is meeting GPA requirements again.  Reinstatement of the scholarship is dependent on funding and is not guaranteed, regardless of circumstances or GPA.

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