Candidates for Executive: Vice President of Campus Relations

Vote Online on April 15-18.

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  1. Shavangi Sutaria

 Shavangi Sutaria

Shavangi Sutaria Why are you running for a position within the Student Government Association?

I am running for the position of Vice President of Campus Relations because I sincerely believe it would be a very rewarding position. It is said that to live a life for others is the journey towards true, unselfish happiness. I believe my purpose in life is to become a voice for those whose rights and beliefs cannot be heard. I would love to able to wake up every day in an effort to continuously strive for improvement within our college.

If you were elected to the SGA, what would you do to improve the quality of student life at MTSU?

If elected to serve for SGA I would like help create a genuine love for coming together and making a difference amongst the student body. I would begin by allowing students the right to voice their requests for changes they would like to see take place within their respective majors allowing more room for first hand impact. I would also use my position in order to reach out to more students in need of service on our own campus. I am a strong believer that even one a single individual yells a nation can hear his/her echo. I want to be able to help create an atmosphere on our campus in which an individual can feel like they honestly can make a difference.

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