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    Archeologist Tanya Peres is racing looters to recover artifacts from Cumberland River sites
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    FIRE(Forensic Institute for
    Research and Education) offers students
    CSI experiences
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    Intergenerational service learning benefits everyone
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    During Scholars Week presentations, faculty and students discuss their research

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Students choose our department for its academic programs, excellent faculty, student organizations, social opportunities, and much more.

Interim Department Chair:
Dr. Brandon Wallace

Sociology Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Brian Hinote Brian.Hinote@mtsu.edu

Sociology Undergraduate Program Director:
Dr. Meredith Dye Meredith.Dye@mtsu.edu

Anthropology Program Director:
Dr. Tanya M. Peres Tanya.Peres@mtsu.edu  

Executive Aide: Pansey Carter pansey.carter@mtsu.edu
Department Office: Todd Hall 342/344 
Office Telephone: 615-898-2508

Secretary: Sherry Cox sherry.cox@mtsu.edu
Department Office:  Todd Hall 327
Office Telephone:  615-898-5602