Gretchen Webber Dr. Webber
Associate Professor
Ph.D., 2005
University of Texas

Office: TODD 305
Phone: (615)898-2519

Areas of interest:
Gender, Family, Intersection of
Gender and Work, Qualitative

Office Hours: 
Tuesday 8:30-11am; 1:00-2:00pm
Wednesday 8:30-12:30pm
Thursday 8:30-11:00am

Fall 2014 Class Schedule:

SOC 3400 Gender and Society TBA Online
SOC 3400 Gender and Society TR, Peck Hall 218 11:20 to 12:45pm
SOC 6545 Topics in Gender W. Peck Hall 320 12:40 to 3:40pm



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Julie Reid*, Sinikka Elliott*, and Gretchen R. Webber*. 2011. Casual Hookups to Formal Dates: Refining the Boundaries of the Sexual Double Standard. Gender & Society 25:545-568.

*Equal authorship.

Gretchen R. Webber and Stephanie Byrd. 2010. In-Depth Interviews. Sloan Work-Family Research Network.(n.d.)

Gretchen R. Webber and Christine L. Williams. 2008.  Mothers in "Good" and "Bad" Part-Time Jobs: Different Problems, Same Results.  Gender & Society 22:752-777.

  • Article selected as 2010 finalist for Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research competition, given annually by Center for Families at Purdue University and Boston College Center for Work and Family.
  • Reprinted in Inequality in Canada: A Reader on the Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class, ed. by Valerie Zawilski. (Oxford 2009).

Gretchen R. Webber and Christine L. Williams. 2008.  Part-Time Work and the Gender Division of Labor.  Qualitative Sociology 31:15-36.

OTHER PUBLICATIONS (most recent only)

Gretchen R. Webber. (forthcoming 2013) "Good Jobs, Bad Jobs." Sage Sociology of Work Encyclopedia entry.

Gretchen R. Webber and Lisa L. Walker (forthcoming 2013) "Stay at-home Mothers." Sage Sociology of Work Encyclopedia entry.

Gretchen. R. Webber.  2009.  Book Review, Opting Out?  Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home, By Pamela Stone.  Gender & Society 23:125-127.

Peter Heller and Gretchen R. Webber. 2008.  Initial Outcomes Assessment: Tennessee's Multiple Response System Approach to Child Protective Services. Report to Department of Children's Services.


Gretchen R. Webber with J. Reid and S. Elliott. " 'It's Like Being In Church And Being On A Field Trip': The Date Versus Party Setting In College Students' Accounts Of Hooking Up."