William Leggett Dr. Leggett
Associate Professor
Ph.D., 2003
University of Illinois

Office: TODD 319
Phone: (615)904-8589
Email: Will.Leggett@mtsu.edu

Areas of interest:
Globalization, Colonization, Economic
Anthropology, Southeast Asia, Urban

Office Hours: 
Monday/Wednesday 10:10am to 12:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday 8:40am to 9:30am

Fall 2014 Class Schedule:  
ANTH 2010 Cultural Anthropology Correspondence Correspondence
ANTH 3010 Ethnology MW, Peck Hall 318 12:40 to 2:05pm
ANTH 3120 Popular Culture in Global Perspective TR, Peck Hall 318 9:40 to 11:05am
ANTH 4140 Immigrants and Globalization in the American South MWF, Peck Hall 110 9:10 to 10:05am


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