Department Faculty

Sociology Faculty

Aday, Ronald H. , Professor. Areas: Aging/Social Gerontology, Family, Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research.

Amey, Foster K., Undergraduate Program Director, Professor. Areas: Demography, Quantitative Methodology, Statistics.

Breault, Kevin D. , Professor. Areas: Deviance and Social Disorganization, Social Factors in Morbidity and Mortality, Suicide, Homicide and Violent Crime, Theory, Research Methods, Religion.

Canak, William L. , Professor. Areas: Work, Organizations, Labor and Employment, Dispute Resolution, Latin America, Applied Research Methods and Program Management.

Carter, W. Craig, Professor. Areas: Deviance and Social Disorganization, Criminology, Social Psychology, Social Networks.

Dye, Meredith, Assistant Professor. Areas: Deviance and Social Control, Criminology, Law and Society, Sociology of Punishment.

Hinote, Brian, Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor. Areas: Medical Sociology, Social Epidemiology, Social Theory, Health Care Delivery & Policy, Social Determinants of Population Health, Social Statistics & Research Methodology.

MacLean, Vicky, Professor. Areas: History of American Sociology, Women's and Minority Health, Qualitative Methodology, Race/Class/Gender, Social & Feminist Theory.

Mertig, Angela, Professor. Areas: Environmental Sociology, Research Methods, Public Opinion, Social Movements, Animals and Society.

Wallace, J. Brandon, Interim Department Chair, Aging Studies Program Director and Professor. Areas: Social Gerontology, Medical Sociology, Family, Social Psychology, Quality of Care in Long-Term Care.

Webber, Gretchen, Associate Professor. Areas: Gender, Family, Intersection of Gender and Work, Qualitative Methods.

Full Time Temps and Adjuncts

Austin, Ben
, Adjunct

Dawdy, Jordan, Adjunct

Rizziere, Geri, Adjunct

Schaper, Jennifer , Full Time Temp

Anthropology Faculty

Berryman, Hugh, Director of FIRE and Research Professor. Areas: Forensic Anthropology/Science, Trauma, Skeletal Biology, Bioarchaeology.

Hodge, Shannon Chappell, Associate Professor. Areas: Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology, Prehistoric Archaeology, Chiefdoms; North America.

Leggett, Ida Fadzillah, Associate Professor. Areas: Gender, Sexuality, Adolescence, Globalization.

Leggett, William, Associate Professor. Areas: Globalization, Colonialization, Economic Anthropology, Southeast Asia, Urban Anthropology.

Pace, Richard B., Professor. Areas: Political Economy, Cultural Ecology; Brazilian Amazon.

Peres, Tanya M., Associate Professor. Areas: Zooarchaeology, Fisher-Hunter-Gatherer Ecology, Early Agricultural Societies, Farmsteads; Southeastern United States, Panama, Mexico.

Smith, Kevin E., Anthropology Program Director and Professor. Areas: Prehistoric Archaeology; 19th-Century Historic Archaeology; Public Archaeology; Chiefdoms.

Wyatt, Andrew R., Assistant Professor.  Areas:  Agricultural Production; Land Use; Ancient Environments in Rural and Hinterland Societies.

Full Time Temps and Adjuncts 

Deter-Wolf, Aaron , Adjunct


Pansey Carter and Dr. Eller

Dr. Hugh Berryman, Karla Barnes, and Dr. Meredith Dye

Dr. Berryman and Dr. Canak
Dr. Mertig