Graduate Placements

Academic Settings                               Non-Academic/Applied Settings

University of Tennessee                                                                Early Connections Network, Tennessee Voices for Children

University of Florida                                                                       National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago

University of Michigan                                                                    Forensic Institute for Research & Education

University of Texas                                                                        Tennessee Housing Development Agency

University of Baltimore School of Law                                            Edvantia Educational Research

University of Minnesota                                                                  Nashville Metro Transit Authority

Vanderbilt University                                                                      Centerstone Behavioral Health Services

Jacksonville State University                                                          MTSU Office of Institutional Research

University of Central Florida                                                           Park Center, Nashville

University of Southern California

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

University of Northern Iowa

Iowa State University

Oklahoma State University

Bowling Green State University

North Carolina State University

Tulane University

University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale

Georgia State University

Florida State University

University of South Carolina