BSW Curriculum

The Council on Social Work Education requires that social work majors take courses in five content areas:
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment
    • HBSE I, HBSE II, Cultural Diversity
    • these are theory courses which are the basis of social work practice
  • Policy
    • Intro to Social Work, Social Policy
    • these courses provide the history and current social and political basis for social
    • work practice
  • Research
    • Research, Data Analysis
    • these courses provide the tools for evidence based social work practice
  • Practice
    • Interviewing Skills, Practice I, Practice II, Groups, Integrative Seminar
    • these are the "how to" courses
  • Field
    • Field I, Field II
    • these are the real world work experience courses

In addition to the five content areas, The Council on Social Work Education requires content on values and ethics, populations-at-risk, and social and economic justice be integrated throughout the social work courses.

The University Catalog contains a list of required courses for the major. The courses are described in the catalog, and the description includes a list of pre-requisite courses. The pre-requisites are listed to assist the student with a learning continuum. For example:

  • HBSE I provides the basis for HBSE II
  • HBSE I provides the theories for Practice I
  • HBSE II provides the theories for Practice II and Groups
  • Research provides the framework for Data Analysis
  • Interviewing Skills are necessary before the student learns assessment in Practice I
  • Practice I focuses on skills for individuals and families, and these skills are then builtupon for Practice II and Groups

Given these requirements, the MTSU Social Work Faculty make an effort to schedule courses in a way that students can complete the required courses in the required sequence within 4 semesters. If a students chooses to attend part-time, they should work with their advisor to ensure that they take courses in a sequence that will allow them to graduate in a timely manner.

In order to major in social work, the student must first declare a pre-social work major. When the student has completed 60 semester hours including 41 hours of General Education, Introduction to Social Work, and at least 3 additional hours in Social Work, the student must apply to be accepted as a social work major. Application packets are available at the beginning of each semester in the Social Work Office and in HBSE I courses.

  • Intro to Social Work
  • and required general education courses

Recommended General Education:

  • Intro to Sociology
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Biology
First Semester* Second Semester*
HBSE I 3 hrs HBSE II 3 hrs
Research 3 hrs Data Analysis 3 hrs
Policy 3 hrs Practice I 3 hrs
Interviewing 3 hrs Diversity 3 hrs
Elective/Minor 3 hrs Elective/Minor 3 hrs
*Apply for admission as a Social Work Major *Apply for admission to Field
SENIOR YEAR (Majors in Social Work Courses Only)
First Semester Second Semester
Practice II 3 hrs Field II 9 hrs
Field I 6 hrs Integrative Seminar 3 hrs
Groups 3 hrs Elective 3 hrs
Elective/Minor 3 hrs