Our Staff

Dr. Richard D. Sluder

Vice Provost for Student Success
Telephone:  615-898-2324
Email:  Richard.Sluder@mtsu.edu

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Dr. Vincent L. Windrow

Associate Vice Provost for Student Success
Telephone: 615-898-2338
Email:  Vincent.Windrow@mtsu.edu

Dr. Cornelia Wills

Director of Student Success
Telephone: 615-898-5025
Email:  Cornelia.Wills@mtsu.edu

Dr. Brian P. Hinote

Professor & Administrative Fellow for Student Success
Telephone: 615-898-2488
Email:  Brian.Hinote@mtsu.edu

Brelinda Johnson

Manager of Scholars Academy
Telephone: 615-494-7783
Email:  Brelinda.Johnson@mtsu.edu

Angela Gist-Dowlen

Assistant Manager of Scholars Academy
Telephone: 615-898-5975
Email:  Angela.Gist-Dowlen@mtsu.edu

Billie Jean Brown

Administrative Coordinator
Telephone: 615-494-8650
Email:  BillieJean.Brown@mtsu.edu


Office of Student Success
Peck Hall, Room 142
P. O. Box 500

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