Master Classroom Specifications

Listed below are the estimated costs for the most common items used in our Master Classrooms on the MTSU Campus. Please choose among the first items listed below for a fixed equipment master classroom. Items are required unless listed as optional. For the TAF proposal, list standard master classroom items for $30,350 as a line item. For optional items to receive TAF funding, they must be listed in the proposal as a line item.  If you have other A/V needs, please contact Tom Wallace,, before January 1, 2016, for those estimates.

Please note that the costs associated with floor coverings, instructor's station, security locks for doors, furniture, window treatments, lighting, electrical or data, whiteboards or other necessary room improvements are NOT included on this list. Please contact Terri Carlton in Construction and Renovation ( for cost estimates on these essential items.  Contact should be made by January 1, 2016, to ensure you have an estimate before the deadline.  

Additional technology and/or discipline-specific equipment may be included, but it must be specified in the request to receive funding.

Item Estimated Cost
Standard master classroom configuration (not required to itemize these items on the TAF form)  
TOTAL 30,350.00
PC Computer  (Optiplex Mini Tower) 1,300.00
ADA Assisted Listening Device 2,400.00
LCD Projector (3500 Lumens) Wide XGA w/ mount 1,600.00
Digital Document Camera (Visual Presenter) 2,200.00
Projection Screen (Electric) HDTV size in-ceiling 1,200.00
Motorized Shades 2,400.00
AMX System Control Package including Processor/Digital Switcher & 10" Touch Panel 11,150.00
Instructor Station with AV Equipment Rack, Cables, & Accessories 3,300.00
Audio Playback 1,000.00
AV Installation Labor (Contract and ITD) 3,800.00
Optional items (must be itemized on the TAF form)  
Mac-Mini Computer for instructor (does not include a monitor where an existing monitor will be used) (8GB RAM, 500GB or current standard hard drive, 3 year Apple Care Protection plan) 768.00
21.5"; iMac computer for students (8GB RAM, 1 TB or current standard hard drive, 3 year Apple Care Protection plan) 1,518.00
LaserJet Printer (optional) 3,200.00
PC computers for student workstations (optional) 1,300.00
Course Response System 300.00
Wireless Microphone System (optional) 1,000.00
Audio PA system 3,000.00
94"; Smartboard 2,000.00
Laptop, Latitude E6440 1,450.00
MacBook Pro, 13", Apple Care Plan 1,911.00
 55" Flat Panel  3,000.00