Find Lead Hazards in the Home

Try to find all of the lead hazards in the home by moving your mouse over objects in the picture below. When a lead hazard is found a message will appear. There are 13 lead hazards hidden below. Can you find them all?

laundry sill blinds door drawers duck
wall rug water fruit
grass basement
Vinyl miniblinds that
are not marked lead free
Lead in drinking water
Dust in rugs and carpets
Bare dirt in the yard
Baseboards, woodwork & floors
Lead in paint on walls
Food & drink prepared or stored in pottery & ceramics
Chips & dust from outside paint, including siding
Old paint and varnish on doors & windows
Old painted furniture & toys
Clothes with lead from work
Old paint on porches, railings & steps
Dust & paint chips on window wells & sills