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Bill Bowers
Eric "Doc" Love

A major part of learning for students in theatre is becoming familiar with the work and styles of various artists. Because the theatre industry is such a "tight-knit"; profession, career networking is of utmost importance for young artists. For these reasons, we offer regular opportunities for students to interact with and observe visiting professional artists in master classes, artist residencies, and performances.

Recent guests include:

Artistic Residency

  • Bill Bowers, mime artist and Broadway actor in THE LION KING, performance of IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING
  • Liz Warren, storyteller, teacher, and award-winning recording artist; performance of AN EVENING OF IRISH FOLKS TALES.
  • Allan Barlow, MTSU alumnus and veteran stage actor, performance of his one-man version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.
  • Lane Davies, MTSU Theatre alumnus, TV/film and stage actor, performance and residency for ROMEO & JULIET

Master Classes and Workshops

  • Brian O'Neil, author of ACTING AS A BUSINESS, workshop in CAREER PLANNING STRATEGIES
  • Nick Roesler, Associate Director of Theatremakers at the National Theatre Institute of the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center
  • Ron Hubbard, Film Maker, workshop on ACTING FOR THE CAMERA
  • Bill Bowers, mime artist, movement specialist, and Broadway actor in THE LION KING, master classes in MIME and MOVEMENT
  • Anthony Rapp, actor in RENT (stage and film), CAREER DISCUSSION session
  • Craig Wroe, author of AN ACTOR PREPARES TO LIVE IN NYC, master class on STARTING A CAREER IN NEW YORK

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