Middle Tennessee State University was pleased to host the 9th Annual Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (TLSAMP) Research Conference.  The conference  took place February 3 & 4, 2012 in Murfreesboro, TN at the Embassy Suites SE. 
Theme:   "Tomorrow's Leaders Standing And Meeting the Promise in STEM."


More than 250 Alliance member students and staff from across the state of Tennessee attended. Poster and Oral Presentation results are below.  Congratulations to all winners and participants.  We look forward to next year's conference.

Poster - Life Sciences

1st PLACE:  Tony Tillman, Jr. (Junior, Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, Tennessee State University)  Title:  The Effects of Iron on Pistia stratiotes (Water Lettuce) and Ecichlomia crassipe (Water Hayacith) on Growth and Development. (#5)

2nd PLACE:  Marquinta King (Junior, Biological Sciences, University of Tennessee-Knoxville) Title:  Functional Characterization of miR-27 in Zebrafish Embryos (#10)

3rd PLACE:  Renetra Gist (Senior, Chemistry, Tennessee State University) Title:  Investigation of Phenylalanine as an Anchor in GWALP Peptides (#7)

Poster - Engineering/Mathematical Sciences

1st PLACE:  David Solomon (Junior, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tennessee State University)  Title:  Improving the Design of Storm Water Filters for Mammoth Cave National Park (#17)

2nd PLACE (TIE) Sean McMillan (Junior, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tennessee State University)  Title:  Storm Transport of Chemicals into Mammoth Cave (#13)

2nd PLACE (TIE) Troy Lambert (Senior, Computer Science, Tennessee State University)  Title:  Human Robot Interaction via Vision-Based Gesture Recognition (#2)

3rd PLACE:  Mandela Magnidjem (Senior, Computer Science and Mathematics, LeMoyne-Owen College).  Title:  Virtual Volcano 2.0:  An Interactive Earth Science Teaching Tool.

Oral - Engineering/Mathematical Sciences - Session I

1st PLACE:  Justice Amankwah (Computer Science/Aerospace, Middle Tennessee State University)  Title:  Computer Science Embodies "FOCUS LAB"

2nd PLACE:  Alejandro Angel (Engineering Technology, Middle Tennessee State University)  Title:  Microcomputer for Interfacing Hybrid Technology in Existing Automobiles.

3rd PLACE:  Tony Lee (Engineering Technology, Middle Tennessee State University) Title: An Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Boat

Oral - Engineering/Mathematical Sciences - Session II

1st PLACE:  Andre' Stevenson (Engineering, Vanderbilt University).  Title:  Off Chip Phomultiplier-based Continuous Flow Photometer Channelscope System for the Detection of Programmed Immuno-agglomerates in fabrica.

2nd PLACE:  Ashley West (Engineering, Tennessee State University).  Title:   Efficiency of Zeolite-Perlite-Carbon Filters at Removing Metals and Organics from Storm Runoff

3rd PLACE:  Jordan Qualls (Engineering Technology, Middle Tennessee State University).  Title:  Web Controlled Smart Appliance.

Oral - Life Sciences - Session III

1st PLACE:  Imade Imusuen (Biology, Vanderbilt University).  Title:  Effect of mutant KRAS on colorectal cancer cell-derived exosome composition.

2nd PLACE:  Tyesha Martin (Biological Sciences, Tennessee State University). Title:  Microbial Resistance to Quarternary Ammonia Compounds.

3rd PLACE:  Cory Wilson (Biological Sciences, Tennessee State University). Title:  Effects of Planting Dates, Densities and Varieties on ecophysiology of pigeionpea in the Southeastern United States.