Tennessee Literary Project
students are given an assignment option 
of creating photo essays related to the state.
Their work appears below: 
Spring 2011

Tennessee Central Depot, Cookeville
Tiffany Gibson

Erin Lane

The Landscape of Beersheba Springs
Courtney Sturtz

Cityscape: Nashville
Shane Toombs

Water, Barns & Byways
Renee Vannatta

Spring 2012

Bell Buckle
Taylor Payne

Chattanooga & Lookout Mountain
Jeremy Legatzke

Historic Jonesborough
Grace Platt

Shenay Nolan

Kara Wilson

Erin Schotte

Mary Noailles Murfree Gravesite, Mufreesboro
Addison McNatt

Stones River Battlefield, Murfreesboro
Leslie Dean

James Agee Park, Knoxville
Derrick Hill